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Studying Brazilian Portuguese?

I’m studying Brazilian Portuguese for a while now, and I found great material on the web , for free! I’ll share the links on the bottom. 

When I started to study Portuguese , I bought an audio program. I didn’t even bother to read and learn grammar or any vocabulary. All I did was listening to native conversations, a few of them. While doing so, I repeated words , sentences and even role-played conversations. This kind of  exercises gave me an amazing inside view of how the language works in action. 

After I got an idea of what I will actually study, I searched for learning material on the web. I also bought a couple of books. 

I want to know if you study a language and if you do so, what language is it? How long have you been studying and why do you study the language in the first place? What do you believe is the best way to study a language, and with what kind of exercises should a beginner start? Share your thoughts!

Free Stuff _ 

They do offer stuff that you have to buy , but I didn’t bought anything from there so I can’t tell you how it is. I was very satisfied with the free stuff, though.                  

Stuff I bought _

Phrasebook - Brazilian Portuguese by Lonely Planet.

Say It Right in Brazilian Portuguese by Easily Pronounced Language System , Inc.

Oxford Picture Dictionary BR Port. - English ( Second Edition )  by Oxford.

Conversational Brazilian Portuguese ( Audio Program ) by Pimsleur.

Muito Prazer: Fale o Portugues do Brasil ( Portuguese Edition ) by Disal.

Why Am I Here???

Well, where should I start. I am new to tumblr!


The purpose of this blog is mainly my move to Brazil!

Why would someone move to Brazil, might some readers ask themself now..

Well, I can’t speak for others, but I’m moving to Brazil because I LOVE brazilian women! .. Nah , that’s not the reason. I do love brazilian woman but I found one already. So the purpose of me moving is not to get to know the variety of brazilian woman BUT to finally move together with my better half (Brazilian Beauty) , which I met two years ago in the United States.

What will I do in Brazil???

Well, at first I’ll study their language and afterwards I’ll sign up in one of their amazing universities.

Something about me?

I’m a 22 year old German. I lived for a while in the U.S. 

College stuff , etc.

Now that I’m back in my hometown , I’m getting ready to leave again. THANK GOD!

Summary, I’ll keep writing about my  experiences of moving to Brazil, and everything that happens to me on my way. 

Are you an expatriate? Let me know. 



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